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Keep Learning - the Fractal Way

Learning is a marathon

– not a sprint

Find out how learner dashboards and timed release of microlearning can help you learn and retain better. We believe learning is a continuous process—you cannot learn it all at one go. Our learner dashboards are dynamic, helping learners monitor what’s new in their domains and benchmarking their progress against their peer group. Timed release of microlearning modules enables learners to learn in small chunks, but consistently.

Learning is a process

– not an event

Explore how Fractal elevates the journey of learners through continuous and developmental learning.

Tony Bingham, ATD President and CEO, and Marcia Conner define learning as “The transformative process of taking in information that—when internalized and mixed with what we have experienced—changes what we know and builds on what we do. It’s based on input, process, and reflection.”

And yet, most LMS functionality is focused predominantly on the “input” or serving up the content and testing it in the short-term through assessments. Through a combination of multi-format learning objects, timed microlearning, and a recommendation engine, we support the entire learning life cycle.

Learning is accretive and organic

– not modular and mechanical

Discover why micro-learning works and it is not because our attention spans are shrinking.

How we learn hasn’t changed in millions of years—the circumstances and context may have changed, the content may have changed, the media and methods may have changed, our levels of busyness may have changed, the amount of information available may have exploded—but the fundamental processes of how information is received, encoded, memories are formed and retrieved contextually, and assimilated, has not changed. Learning is an accretive and organic process, however, for more than a decade LMS functionality has tuned us to think of learning in modular terms, like Lego blocks needing to be assembled. Think about it—there is an intuitive connection between fractals and how learning works.


Learning should be experienced,

– not just managed

Think whether it makes sense to manage learning instead of encouraging learners engage with it.

Most LMSes today have robust functionalities for tracking compliance, analysing data, and generating reports.However, in all these functionalities the quest for supporting the learner often gets lost.

We started out with a decision to focus more on the learner and ensured that Fractal is a learner-centric platform with:

Enhanced learner experience with consumer-grade UX on mobile and web apps that reiterates our philosophy that that an inspirational learning experience requires both well-presented content and an engaging learning platform experience.

Accessible learning with a mobile first design, dynamic content categories, recommendations, and ratings. We take accessibility a few notches higher.

Fresh look and feel to elevate the learner journey—dynamic dashboards, trending and recommendations, flexible learning paths, we do everything we can to keep the learner engaged and make learning a life-long habit.

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