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Going digital is no longer a question of
if or when but how

Going online involves choosing a learning platform, designing the learning experience, choosing the learning technology tools, and training the staff and faculty. With a decade of experience in online learning design and technologies, we bring global expertise in creating and deploying online learning. Find everything you need here – Consulting Services, Platform, and Training.

Accelerate the pace of digital change to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic world. Partner with us.

Fractal Learning Platform

Setting up a learning platform is really the first step in going online. Fractal is a future-ready cloud platform with no maintenance or start-up costs and low monthly/annual subscription costs. Set up a branded portal in just two weeks – and do online classes, proctored exams, and online assessments seamlessly. Upload videos, elearning, podcasts, PPTs, and documents to create a complete curriculum. You can also curate content and embed Youtube and Vimeo links within the platform.

Consulting Services

Learning Design

Teaching in classrooms is very different from teaching online. Globally, adapting to online mode of teaching has been reported as the top challenge by teachers and instructors. Reworking the lesson plans and strategies for online teaching, adapting assignments for online submissions and grading, ensuring student engagement on online platforms, and adopting online assessments/exams are some of the things that we can support you with. Our team of instructional designers apply the principles of adult learning to ensure effective online deployment of learning.

Technology Consulting

Having designed and deployed learning for thousands of learners, we understand training and educational technology better than anyone else. From content management, to virtual classrooms, student tracking, online assignments, proctored exams and reports, institutions have multiple technology and tool choices that they need to make, as they move online. With our technology consulting services, we help colleges make the right decisions.

Staff and Faculty Training

Staff and faculty training is critical to making the move to online. Having classes online is not just about powerpoint slides and web conferencing tools. Depending on what they are teaching, instructors need to plan the student interactions, breakout sessions, whiteboard use, and polls/surveys to keep learners engaged online. Training on both technology and online learning design help instructors be as effcetive online, as they are in a classroom. 

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corporate solutions higher education solutions