Our vision is to provide hyper-customized training for emerging job roles at scale and speed to address the skills gap.


The training is focused on specific job skills - rather than a generic curriculum.

Emerging Job Roles

The maximum growth in jobs is happening in new and emerging job domains - we focus on these domains for skill development.

Scale and Speed

We adopt technology enabled training to reach a wider audience - faster and more effectively.

How Do We Do This?

Skill Mapping

We have an AI-backed database of job roles and associated skills – and training is built to map to these skills. Both the job roles and skills are being constantly updated to stay current. By mapping job roles to skills, and skills to training, we make the training both effective and efficient. This helps employers and learners make accurate hiring/job choices.


Practitioner-led Training

The training is designed and delivered by Practitioners. With virtual classroom sessions, real life projects, and job-focused training, Practitioners ensure that learners get industry experience throughout the training. With technology changing at a rapid pace, the skills required on the job are constantly changing – with practitioner-led training, we help close this skills gap faster.

Virtual Lab Infrastructure

With virtual lab infrastructure, learners experience simulated environments that mimic real life work environments – coupled with guided support. This gives learners the full experience of a work environment and prepares them for success in their job roles.


Localized Content

Future@Work enables Practitioners to produce content in local languages. Learners have the option of choosing the language of instruction as they go through the training. This fills a key gap in online training content. Currently, almost all content available online is in English. This puts anyone with low English fluency at a disadvantage. By removing this barrier to learning, Future@Work improves access to learning and employability of youth in non-urban areas.


Future@Work supports virtual internship programs that enable students to do internships remotely. Going completely virtual increases the internship opportunities for students and also widens the talent pool for companies – a win-win for both.


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corporate solutions higher education solutions